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Loyal Staff Member Rewards Program

Have you been a loyal staff member of,,, or

Doctor Tampa appreciates your support in helping expand our clinic and wants to show it! You’ve helped hire new nurses and replace prop equipment with WORKING equipment! You’re helping build a new studio to improve how we can (mis)treat patients!

Doctor Tampa gives back to all staff members by increasing weekly updates as staff members increase with More Members = More Movies! But he also wants to give back to the staff members who stay loyal in supporting his ultimate medfet vision!

Loyal Staff Member 9 Month Benefit:

Being patient, pun intended, pays off with unlimited video downloads for your own personal viewing pleasure! You can always BuyMyMovies for ala carte downloading any time. But patiently waiting 9 months is a much better value!

Loyal Staff Member Every 12 Months Benefit:

Benefit #1
Customize your username and password!

Benefit #2
1 FREE MONTH for EVERY 12 consecutive paid months!
Get 2x the value of the free month in 
BuyMyMovies tokens!
Multi-clinic staff member with 1 qualifying username? Get 1,000 tokens!
Single clinic staff member? Get 600 tokens for each qualifying username!

How To Qualify:

#1: Join,, and together or individually.
#2: Don’t cancel. That 15% discount to not cancel disqualifies you from rewards.
#3: Keep your staff membership active with no lapses during the benefit period.
#4: Agree videos will be for your personal use and won’t be shared, free or paid.
#5: Maintain your active membership. Cancelling or any lapse disqualify you.

How To Claim:

Check your original email from when you became a staff member. Once 9 months have passed, forward your original signup email to to claim your rewards! There is no catch other than to retain you on our staff roster and create the largest kinky medfet hospital in the world!

Remember, if you cancel or lapse, you will lose your loyal staff member status! If you lapse because of payment issues, there are options below to avoid that lapse.

How Do I Update New Credit Card Infomation?

Go to and submit a ticket.
Email with questions/issues.

What If Loyal Staff Members Have A Lapse In Membership?

If its been less than 30 days, just signup for a new staff membership and email Your free month for that 12 month benefits period will be used to fill the lapse. It’ll be like you never lapsed at all!

My Lapse Greater Than 30 But Less Than 90 Days.

You can signup for a new staff membership, forfeit your free month for that 12 month benefits period, and pay a $100 reinstatement fee, and it’ll be like you never lapsed at all! Email