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Doctor Tampa's April 2021 Open Letter To Fansby Doctor Tampa

Posted on Tue, 20 April 2021

Read December 2019 Open Letter To Fans Here

April 2021 - Doctor Tampa's Updated Open Letter To All Of My Fans & The 2000+ People Who Aren't Members But Come Check Out My Websites Everyday:

In November 2019, I quit my full-time job to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time doctor for your entertainment on the internet. I never expected this to happen when I started making these movies for my own entertainment 13+ years ago. Amazing the paths life takes us down!

In December 2019, I put out an open letter to all of my fans explaining my vision for the future and asked for your support as I left my career of 17 years to pursue this dream. As a business, I needed to reach 200 members to make this a sustainable move and pay my bills. Since calling upon you for help, membership has continually expanded to that 200 level and hovered there for months. I'm happy to report this is now my full-time job, and I will not be returning to my old career! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! But 200 was just the start of my production goals.


At the end of March, I once again called on my dormant fans for their support. I said if we hit last year's goal of 300 members, I can update BOTH websites an additional time each week! After seeing a tremendous outpouring of support that sent memberships from a stagnant 200 to 250 by April 21, I decided to meet all of you beautiful people halfway with an additional update to BOTH websites every other week. And once we hit 300, it will become every week!

It is now April 2021. While I've given you updates along the way since my original open letter, I wanted to take this moment in time to provide you with a full update on the past year and a half. I also want to explain my vision for the future of my medical fetish art! 

Future Membership Goals

But wait, there's more! As you can see, I make good on my promises so you can trust my word when I say I promise every time combined site membership increases by 100 members there will be another new weekly release to both websites! As a medical fetish consumer before producer, I would have certainly appreciated a membership site that increases updates as membership increases. And that's exactly why I want to promise you the same things I desired as a consumer!

Based on production costs, every 100 members allows me to give you 1 additional 30-minute release each week on BOTH websites! So 400 members will mean 4 new releases per week per website until we hit 700 members and you are getting new updates EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

 So What Happens Past The 700 Member Goal? 

At that point, we will be closer to building my dream medical facility that I’m about to tell you about. Once we reach 700 members I will release floor plans for that new facility. I may also continue to increase the frequency of updates but this remains unseen until I see revenues vs expenses at that time.

In the meantime, I will continue to use the header of both websites to keep you informed of how close we are to the next round of extra weekly updates! Keep in mind people join and unjoin every day so that number can move both ways. Hopefully it continues to be a steady countdown as it has been the past 3 weeks that saw almost 50 new members!

Join now and maintain your membership and soon you will reap the benefits of being a “Loyal Staff Member” too! Thank you to all you amazing people who have made all you see before you a reality!

 Tell Me About This Dream Medical Facility

But wait, there's still more! I have been plotting and planning that I will eventually build my DREAM medical facility one day! Running the numbers to pull it off, I would need roughly 1,000 members each month to maintain overhead costs. I could go on forever about all the details, but that will come later as we get closer to 1,000 members. For now, I just want to share my overall vision with you.

It will be 7,000-10,000 sq ft and laid out with 3 long hallways forming a U shape. One hallway will be medical-themed, another will be institutional/jail-themed, and last will be a college/school theme. My dream medical facility will consist of a wide variety of sets from a waiting room, basic exam rooms, group exam rooms, dental exam room, gyno/proctology/urology exam room, padded cells, surgical room, operating theatre with overhead viewing area, psych ward room, holding cells, interrogation rooms, booking area, strip search room, jail medical exam room, school room, strip club, courtroom, dungeon, offices, breakroom, bedroom sets, dorm rooms, group shower, rooms for models to stay while filming, and that about covers it!

This single facility will allow for the most seamless films to be made instead of using my house and built-out detached garage as I currently do. With a cameraman, you could literally watch a patient walk in the front door of the waiting area, and the entire scene plays out without a single cut until she walks back out. Currently, scenes look seamless, but there are often long breaks between each scene. Those scenes are sometimes shot days apart or out of order because of current set limitations. This results in a loss of flow and energy. One large facility would allow completely seamless films outside of the rare occasion we cut because of an issue. It would also allow for larger casts and spectators as well as even more expansive and detailed sets!

Can I See This "Dream" Facility Once It's Built?

But wait, there's still even more! Have you ever wanted to watch my films as they are made? Or even be able to be an extra? Then you should REALLYYY join now and not let that membership lapse! Why? Currently, all filming is done out of my home. So unless someone has a lot to offer, I'd prefer not to invite people into my cramped home while I try to pull off a shoot in the same area I'm feeding and housing models. It's nothing personal, but I just don't have the extra capacity in my current studio for that. But my dream medical facility will have places for you to watch and stay hidden. How? The surgical theater viewing area in addition to double-sided mirrors in rooms so you can watch from the outside without being seen. It will also be easier to have extras on set because everything will be expansive since it'll be purpose-built.

Who will come and watch movies as they’re filmed or glove in and assist my nurses and me? "Loyal Staff Members" but our course! They will be the ones to receive an invite. So join now and stay a member because seniority, like in any good medical facility, is essential! Currently, 20 of our 250 members have been active for over a year with no lapses. There will be a small fee for viewers and extras, which may even be waived depending on how long you have been a "Loyal Staff Member." But it will be reasonable, think hundreds, not thousands. This new facility will also allow for more immersive play sessions for those who like to come to film their own movies! I will also wire the new facility with IP cameras so fans can spy on what's going on at any time. That is unless you are there filming your movie, then it's patient privacy 1st!

I'm sure you already think I'm crazy and belong in an insane asylum. Still, the goal is to break ground on this facility by the end of 2022 or sooner if membership numbers permit.

 Re-Editing, Re-Rendering, Re-Releasing ALL Movies On Both Websites With New Pictures Set

Originally I had planned on making 4 medical fetish websites.,, & You know what 3 of those sites are. What you may not know is that ExamCams was supposed to be all of the close-up footage of the patient's genitals that you have never seen. 

However, I felt 4 medfet websites were stretching the latex gloves too thin. After receiving survey feedback saying my movies are great, but fans wished they could see more of the patient's genitals, I decided to remaster my entire catalog spanning 13 years to add these ExamCam pelvic cameras, cervical cameras, and patient monitor cameras, giving you a new twist on movies you already knew and loved!

I took it one step further for CaptiveClinic. Due to the times we live in, with the #MeToo movement, and the exposure of deep-rooted sexual mistreatment covered up by politicians, Hollywood, and the elite, I felt I needed to show you more context of every CaptiveClinic movie. Some movies portray models as damsels in distress and helpless. I wanted to make it clear to viewers who choose to watch the start and end of my films that everything done with each model is heavily discussed upfront, the model agrees and consents to participate, and that any model can cut at any time if she doesn't like what's happening. Thankfully I had captured countless hours of each model's pre and post-shoot discussions that you never got to see before. I also edited in the cut-out & deleted scenes so you can see the model is truly in control.

I had received survey feedback asking to show more consent/aftercare. Additionally, I've received death threats via social media and email from people who don't seem to understand my movies are all staged. I know these consent scenes have ruined the fantasy for some. If that is the case, please just click forward using the bar at the bottom of your screen until you are past the scenes you do not want to scene. For some, these scenes have added to their fantasy, knowing that everyone was happy to participate in scenes of torment. It also protects your hopefully beloved Doctor Tampa from going to jail for indecency laws or from being accused of making models participate in acts they didn't want to join in. Max Hardcore did that and ended up in jail for a few years, ruining his company and websites. I don't want to end up in a similar situation.

I did my best to stack all of these scenes together in 99% of my movies. There are only 3 or 4 movies interrupted in the middle of the film by consent scenes. Some of you already know I've been struggling to keep Clips4Sale from removing my CaptiveClinic movies as credit card companies are coming down HARD on porn sites. Pun intended. This is after it came out that PornHub was up to no good, and well, 2 years ago, against producers advice, Neil from Clips4Sale got into bed with PornHubs parent company. This was when I started having issues with the removal of my content by Clips4Sale and PornHub. Never mind that producers like myself RAILED against PornHub and their actions since their inception. PornHub was built on theft and thrived off stolen and unconsenting content. Now legitimate producers like myself and models are paying the price from the credit card companies' hammer. Ad revenue makes up the bulk of PornHub's business, so PornHubs was less affected by their actions that pissed off credit card companies that allow you to use your cards to support us producers and models. The small guy got screwed once again. 

I'm just a fetishist turned movie maker. I'm not a criminal and don't want anyone to think otherwise. So please, if you don't care about these essential consent scenes, that's fine; just skip them as I know you want me here for years to cum making ever-improving medical fetish movies!

Also, if you weren't aware, adult companies like myself pay $1000/year to Visa and MasterCard just to take their credit cards even if we don't make 1 sale! We are then extorted for 15%+ processing rates. And MasterCard JUST released new rules in April 2021 about showing constant consent. So it's good that I spent the past year remastering everything since now the credit card companies are coming at us full force! This is why I've been pushing other payment alternatives. Still, 99.5% of my sales are from credit cards, so for now, I must keep the credit card companies who extort me for 15% happy!

I am happy to report that as of February 2021, I have completed a complete overhaul of my entire catalog of movies spanning 13 years, along with their picture sets! Movie descriptions with keywords have also been updated! All future video releases will include picture sets at the time of their video release. This has changed yet again as a result of the feedback from surveys!

Speaking Of New Payment Methods Accepted

Since the start of 2020, I have added a plethora of additional payment options! Initially, you could only pay with a credit card. Now you can pay with a debit card, BitCoin, CashApp, DogeCoin, PayPal, Venmo, and 70+ other cryptocurrencies!

Want A Custom Movie Or On-Set Experiences?

2020 saw another significant change as I started filming custom movies for fans! 2021 has seen another significant change as I open up my studio to fans. You can now session with my nurses as you create your own movie for your consumption! If you are interested in a custom movie or the opportunity to become a patient and make your own film, find those pages on the websites for pricing and info! Will Launch By The End Of 2021!

I'm sure by now you are familiar with movies but have wondered why you can only find them on and but not on That's because when this was a part-time job, I didn't want to stretch myself too thin by having to update too many sites. When this finally became my full-time job, I wanted to make sure I overhauled the existing sites before building a new website. But I also didn't want you to miss out on my POV perspective and all the fantastic close-ups of our patient's beautiful bodies! So for years, I took the path of least resistance and released the Doctor-Tampa movies on whichever of the existing 2 sites fit best. Some of those movies are just the POV perspective, but several Doctor-Tampa films have been shot exclusively in POV! 

I hope you have noticed the improvements in Doctor-Tampa movies since they first came out. I hold my head in a more still and fixate on the patient instead of looking around. Lighting has been upgraded to eliminate camera shadow, cameras themselves have been upgraded, and audio tracks from the POV camera have been replaced with audio from fixed cameras. Survey feedback said my voice was overwhelming while the patient was unable to be heard. The originals have been remastered, but unfortunately, I can't go back in time and hold my head still! But now you'll get to see all of the unseen newer Doctor-Tampa movies full of dramatic improvements over the originals! 

Additionally, newer Doctor-Tampa movies will show the ENTIRE film, not just the parts from my POV. Every time I walk in the room, it will switch from fixed cameras to my POV until I walk out of the room or the camera loses power. Now you'll be able to enjoy the movie in its entirety since 20% of the movie isn't filmed from my POV!

I'm sure you noticed that these films were always branded instead of CaptiveClinic or GirlsGoneGyno. This is because I have always had the intention to develop into its own website. There are well over 100 movies that have NEVER been released on the other 2 websites on top of the films only filmed from Doctor-Tampa's POV that you've never seen. As I overhauled CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno, I edited all of the Doctor-Tampa movies, finished the descriptions, and made the picture sets. So with all of that, I am pleased to announce that by the end of 2021, will be launched!

For members that maintain membership for both websites, you will get Doctor-Tampa at no additional cost! That's a BIG bonus! For everyone else, Doctor-Tampa by itself will be only $19.95 for the first few months. will contain medical and non-medical movies since the site will have any movie shot from my POV. Some of those movies will cross over into some of the other new websites I'm about to tell you about!

Other New Websites Doctor Tampa Is Developing

If you've seen a handful of the newer movies or previews I posted on the tube sites, you may have noticed something new. In addition to telling you about my usual 2 websites, I have some new websites in development! Why do I have new websites in development? There are several reasons for that, but the long story short goes back to my dream medical facility. I have successfully carved out a niche with my medical fetish movies. To accelerate building my dream medical facility, I am developing 3 sites that are still niche but learn more towards the mainstream. I promise I'm not changing my current medical videos. This is simply an expansion of membership numbers. - This site will have unique scenes filmed where girls are getting blasted with cum and creampies. It will also be a compilation of sex scenes cut out from the movies on all my other websites but will not contain any other scenes from the movies they were cut from. - This site is dedicated to girls masturbating in different scenarios with Hitachi Magic Wands. Sometimes these stories will tie into my other websites. - It's exactly what it sounds like. This site will be dedicated to girls getting out of trouble with police by sucking and fucking. It will also contain sex and BJ scenes with girls hitting on the police.

 These websites should also be launching by the end of 2021 for $10-$20/month per site. They may end up being included like will be at no additional cost for multi-site members. Hopefully, these additional sites will help increase membership to 1,000 and beyond! My membership target is for ALL SITES COMBINED, not per site.

Ok, Then What Is This I Keep Seeing In Movies? is a side project of mine. As some of you know, I'm about changing the world for the better. But I also enjoy entertaining with some dark storylines. In making movies for over a decade, I have written many storylines based on actual events. While these films are not authentic recreations of those events, the storylines are influenced by those various real-life events. With little power to change things as one person, I do my part by bringing awareness to these issues while also entertaining you. I call and write to my representatives regularly, which are some of the letters you may see posted on the wall of my wooden office. I highly encourage you to do the same to effect change as we are powerful in numbers. will eventually become an informational website with links and references about the events that have inspired some of my storylines. At this point, I have no plans to make it an actual porn site, just strictly informational. But is a project for 2022!

Doctor Tampa's Recently Discovered Vintage Movies

Recently I discovered a misplaced folder with a treasure trove of movies filmed 4-12 years ago that was NEVER released! This includes the 2010 movie "The Sex Slave Trader" with Carmen Valentina, who became a BIG porn star since that time! It also included "The CaptiveClinic," starring Alora Donna, which is the movie that served as the basis for There is also Eliza Shields, another EXCLUSIVE model! Eliza only filmed for me back in 2015 because she's into the medical fetish. So please enjoy all of these vintage CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno movies coming out over the next year!

New Equipment To Better Treat Patients

Some of you have already emailed to say you notice the latest equipment upgrades! Thanks for noticing! A friendly reminder that anyone who would like to purchase equipment, please reach out! I recently purchased a new supercomputer, brand new 5 lead patient monitor, fly camera tripod, dual arm fly camera tripod vest, 4k wide-angle lens, attachable microphone, tons of new toys and vibrators, e-stim devices, external hard drives, and much more! I'm constantly upgrading and replacing broken things from speculums to SD cards and cameras. I want you to know as membership grows, so does my equipment budget. That will come in handy when I need to fill 10,000 sqft full of equipment! Once I get more space, I will be doing a much-requested dental exam room. Until then, enjoy the short dental exams I'm doing in movies. Again this is from survey feedback!

Are You One Of My OnlyFans?

Since the last "Open Letter," I have jumped on the OnlyFans bandwagon! I use OnlyFans as an outlet for my behind-the-scenes, uniform testing videos, sneak previews of who I just filmed and what's to come, as well as a way for fans to message me. Recently I made a few changes, including adjusting the price from $5 to $10 as I give OnlyFans world premiers of select videos! You can see these videos a month before they go on to Clips4Sale and 4-6 before they are on the membership sites! But those videos have expiration dates and are only up for 30 days before they disappear! I will be deleting the 1-minute previews and upgrading them with 10-20 minute previews of movies. I'm doing away with shout-outs since it became very time-consuming. Instead, I'd rather focus my time on more essential tasks as my fans already know I appreciate them! It's worth joining if you want to see world premieres of movies and see behind the scenes of my productions!

October 2021 UPDATE: OnlyFans permenantly suspended Doctor Tampa October 2021. Visit JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa until Doctor Tampa launches his BTS on own platform in 2022!

Diversification of New Models

Based on member survey feedback, I seem to be hitting the nail on the head with our patients...well, for the most part! I've had several fans asking if I can add a few caucasian patients into the mix along with a few thicker patients. I know you know my love for girls with golden brown skin, big hair, athletic bodies, and small/medium perky titties! But I've heard your survey feedback and have done some mixing it up with thicker models like Michelle Anderson and filming caucasian models like Stacy Shepard and Ava Siren in addition to my preference for mixed beauties!

New Nurses & New Production Assistant

One of my previously stated goals was to raise membership high enough to pay nurses better so I can retain them longer than a film or two. I also wanted to hire a production assistant to help edit and post movies, which takes up over half my 80-hour workweek. Thanks to your continued support, I've been able to accomplish both goals! That's why the overhaul finished on a strong note as we rolled into 2021!

2020 going into 2021 has given us Nurse Destiny Cruz, Nurse Nyx, Nurse Vasha Valentine, Nurse Lenna Lux, Nurse Sunny Valentine, Nurse Olivia, Nurse Ava Siren, and Nurse Raven Rogue in multiple roles and movies. Additionally, I retained Nurse Jasmine Rose from November 2020 until March 2021, when she moved out of state. Nurse Stacy Shepard has replaced Jasmine as my full-time nurse and production assistant, but Jasmine will be back for nursing roles! This additional help has allowed me to focus on production and bigger picture things. Finishing my overhaul and getting ready to build 4 new sites by the end of 2021 wouldn't have been doable without your support! THANK YOU!

Doctor Tampa Stepping Back For All-Female Casts

Based on survey responses, I know there is a desire to see movies with an all-female cast. Thanks to your support, I've been able to hire capable nurses to film over half a dozen movies with all-female casts. These films came out far better than I anticipated! I want to continue to make films from behind the camera with all-female casts. That's why I purchased a Fly Cam with the dual-arm vest. I want to make the smoothest, clearest, steadiest medical fetish movies EVER! And with over $1,000 in new accessories for my camera, I'll be able to do just that!

Eventually, I'd love to get a Blackmagic camera, but currently, that's a $5,000 dream.

New Website Look AKA "NiteFlixxx" Coming 2021

There was supposed to be a new look to the websites in 2020. Unfortunately, my developer got sidetracked, and it was put on the back burner. But as of April 2021, I have test-driven what he's developed! I like it for mobile, but we both agree it's still lacking for desktop users. I've given him my feedback, and could possibly be the 1st website built on the new layout! How ironic could become the guinea pig! Either way, the new design is still in the works, and we should see it at some point in 2021!

New Storylines Keep On Cumming!

Doctor Tampa continues to put his perversely creative brain to work as he develops new storylines for both CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno! New storylines have continued to roll out over the past year, such as The Doctor's Olympic Failure, SICCOS, FEMA Camps, Bratty Cheerleaders Physical, and so much more! A few fans have directed movies that you will see cumming soon, and others have submitted ideas that they may also see cumming soon!

Survey Says GirlsGoneGyno To Remain Sexless

I reviewed old surveys and realized the responses for adding sex scenes added up to 114% because it was multiple choice. So I re-analyzed the numbers:

GirlsGoneGyno - 42% said no sex, 35% said some sex scenes, 9% said sex it up, and 15% said only if it's girl-girl.

CaptiveClinic - 31% said no sex, 41% said some sex scenes, 24% said sex it up, and 14% said only if it's girl-girl. 

This question will be reasked at some point. I did want to reaffirm with fans that CaptiveClinic will be where you will continue to find the sex scenes. GirlsGoneGyno will continue to have the occasional sex scene because 50%+ voted for it, but it will remain a rare exception.

New Survey

By now, you must be blue in the face hearing about SURVEYS! My 1st survey came out in 2019 before the original "Open Letter." Since then, there have been 2 rounds of new surveys. These surveys have been critical in understanding what paying members want to see and finding out what potential members want to see. The latest round of surveys moved away from Survey Monkey to Google Forms since I got strong-armed for my data one morning if I didn't pay the monkey more bananas than we previously agreed!

Even if you have taken past surveys, please take the new one since most questions are new and the old questions are asked differently. I learn a lot from every survey I do, but please only take 1 survey per site. "Staff Member Surveys" are located on the main page when you log in. Public surveys are on the main page for anyone to take and not for "Staff Members." The "Staff Member Survey" carries more weight, so take your staff survey if you are a member.

Thank you to the 400+ people who have spent 10 minutes or more filling out each survey! You have helped make my movies continually better! It usually takes a few months to implement the changes in shoots, and from there, it's a few months before you see those videos. So what you are seeing now is last year's suggestions. Trust me when I say it's only improved since then, and I'm sure many of you are noticing your suggestions!

Please keep in mind everything I produce may not appeal to you. I have a wide variety of fans, from male to trans, straight to non-binary, and everything in between. I know some people don't like the patient POV movies. I don't either as I don't like staring at myself. But some fans like staring at me and becoming the patient for a variety of reasons. I say this because I want everyone to understand my productions are a balancing act to keep everyone who supports my work satisfied. If what you want to see didn't come out in this week's update, it probably will in the next update. I care about what all of my paying fans want to see. Well, except for bigots of any race or color.


If we reach membership numbers of 300 anytime in 2020, I would enable downloads for those 300 members and then make new members buy a download membership if they wanted to download. After much feedback about pricing and downloads in the surveys, I scrapped the idea for a higher-priced "Downloads" membership. I did vow to honor my promise if we hit 300 members. Unfortunately, that goal fell short as we struggled to get just over 200 members each month by year's end. It was an easy goal to set but hard to accomplish since membership was a revolving door at that time.

However, I didn't want to disappoint those who had stayed "Loyal Staff Members" in hopes of us reaching 300, so I developed the "Loyal Staff Members" program. If you sign up for any membership and keep it continuously active for 9 months, you become eligible for downloads on that website! Additionally, every year you are a "Loyal Staff Member," you get a free month of membership! This program has been so successful that "Loyal Staff Members" will soon be able to add "on-set experiences" to the list of benefits! So join now, and before you know it, you will be downloading daily updates and hanging out on set with Doctor Tampa, his nurses, and patients!

With the success of the "Loyal Staff Members Rewards Program" I do not see the 8 clips per week download page coming back. It took a lot of time to manage. If I move to end downloads, it will only apply to those who join after that announcement. Any existing members will be allowed downloads after their initial 9 months until they have a membership lapse.

VPN Added & Servers Upgraded

Late 2019 servers were upgraded to lighting fast servers! Every now and then, there is a slow down like on any site, but I'm happy to report no fans are having ongoing issues streaming, as was the case before mid-2019!

Some fans were having issues accessing my websites through a VPN. In response, my IT guy whitelisted NordVPN to our servers in mid-2020. If you're using a VPN to access my websites, make sure it's NordVPN, so you don't constantly get banned.

Other MedFet Websites:

I am often asked by fans about other medical fetish websites. I cannot comment on the status of other medfet websites since I don't maintain any ties to them. I am busy working 80+ hours each week on my own productions. From what fans tell me, the prospects for other medical fetish websites remain grim with few new releases or improvements to production. That's why I always tell you if you love it, support it! Members are critical to being able to fund those updates!

I'm proud to say my medical fetish websites are the only ones that maintain a complete list of releases past, present, and future. Both of my websites have been updated twice a week since launching without fail, even through Covid. As some of you know, I have been battling my bank for years over a sinkhole under my home. Because I could have to move and shut down production at any time, I maintain an unreleased library to provide a year of uninterrupted new releases without making a single new film. And I am happy to release those movies sooner and produce more movies as we achieve higher membership numbers! So if you like my sites, DoctorTushy, Gyno-X, DirtyDoctor, or any other porn site or business, support us so we can continue to entertain you for years to cum! Even if some update less than others. 

My Promise To My Fans:

Have you seen my work spanning 13 years from when the exam room was green up until the new patient monitor was installed in March? If so, I hope you would say my content has improved and only changed for the better. The sets, the terminology, the patients, the interactions, the equipment, the cameras, the editing, the storylines, the camera angles, and everything I didn't list have been continuously improved upon. The only thing I hear that fans liked about older movies was that they were filmed by a cameraman instead of fixed cameras or POV. So I've picked up a camera and brought back that cameraman angle! But better than old movies since I now film in HD, plus I can anticipate a nurse's movements better than a cameraman was able to anticipate my movements!

So my promise to you is that my content will only improve in the same way it always has. I promise I will never change what I do so that it would not be the content you know and love. I promise I will never sell out to a large company, so I always maintain complete creative control. I promise to continually improve my productions in the interest of our mutual fetishes. I promise to bring you as many new releases as possible without raising prices as long as you continue to support my work. And when membership reaches 1,000, I will invite my "Loyal Staff Members" to come to celebrate the christening of our new medical facility!

I started as just a medical fetishist who couldn't find quality medical fetish movies on the internet. My original films were made out of self-interest, and I never intended for the world to see them. I didn't go to school for business, medicine, directing, acting, editing, website development, porn marketing, IT, or one of the many hats I wear. I am entirely self-taught on everything you have seen over my 13+ year production hobby and now career. And from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate the 2000+ fans who have paid to watch my work as I continually grow and improve my kinky art!

 As I always promise you, with your continued support, my best work is yet to cum!

-Doctor Tampa