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Doctor Tampa's December 2019 Open Letter To Fansby Doctor Tampa

Posted on Sun, 1 December 2019

December 2019 - Doctor Tampa's Open Letter To Members & The 1000+ People Who Aren't Members But Come Check Out My Websites Everyday:

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Its no secret I depend on your support to maintain my clinical operations as medfet is a very niche fetish with a narrow base of customers. That is why medfet sites are poorly produced on cheap sets, come and go, or fail to deliver much more than a "coming soon" landing page. 

I have been producing for 12 years, starting because of self-interest. I wanted to see something halfway decent created in the medfet category. My productions have come along way from the light green exam room, that was before the dark green one, which is now grey. I had just a scale, exam table, speculum, and a box of gloves on a desk with low def cameras. I never intended to release my videos when I started making them. However, I enjoyed them so much I figured others would want to see what I created.

In the last few years, I have become very dedicated to taking my kinky art from a money-losing "hobby" to a business that can sustain itself and put food on my table. Thanks to some dedicated REAL fans on here, Clips4Sale, ManyVids, and ModelHub, I am getting close to realizing this dream, but I am still not profitable. As always, I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all who have made purchases.

To make my final push to see if this can be a real business, I quit my day job in November 2019. Now I will be able to focus on improving my productions, websites, as well as promote to gain the memberships I need to become profitable. My sales model has always been expensive clips that cost $1/minute. More recently, I invested a sizeable amount in developing these membership websites to bring down the price of seeing my content. 

To some degree, moving to membership websites has worked for exposure, but not the revenue I need to generate to make the switch from focusing on clip sales to concentrate on the membership sites. The websites/servers are expensive to maintain, and Verotel takes about 20% of each payment (Unless you paid by Ven*mo). I want to take my medfet websites to the next level, including total downloads, but that requires high commitment from members on the membership sites.

I operated GirlsGoneGyno as a membership site 5-7 years ago for those who were members, or remember. My biggest issue was people signing up for a month to download everything, canceling, then joining a year later for a month to download all the updates. Medfet doesn't have a broad enough audience for me to survive like that. Some members were dedicated, which I VERY much appreciated! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough dedicated members. After 2 years, I abandoned the membership site format and went back to selling clips.

Over the years, you may have seen the little and large upgrades to my sets, the multiple new sets I've built, the camera quality go from 720p to 1080p to 4k cameras, upgrades to equipment on each set, more storylines, more inclusion of all aspects of medfet, and so much more! I have reinvested continuously all of my earnings as well as money from my day job to accomplish all of this. But if I can get enough members, I will make what I've done in the past few years look like childs-play!

Even if I never emailed you, I have studied the results of all the surveys and will be making some changes based on suggestions. Tighter shots of the patients, more up-close cameras, focus on the patient monitors, going harder in interrogation scenes, and so much more. Many of those things have been worked into the new videos currently coming out. You can now browse videos by "tags/keywords" as well. was supposed to become the 3rd website from my point of view, but instead, I'm going to begin releasing those videos onto and very soon.

Other long term goals include:
-Bigger name models
-Training new nurses. I want to do more female/female scenes, including nurse/girl scenes. The problem is that it takes time to develop a model to become a nurse. She has to know how to act, the proper terms, and where things are in the exam rooms. 
-Expanded production facility with improved sets under one roof & hallway. That would allow scenes to be seamless instead of cutting as we move from one set to the next. You could watch the patient's journey from walking in the waiting room to going back for their exam, to watching them walk out the door to their car. 
-Giving away on set experiences

All of this costs money, and I need to be profitable before I can payout more substantial expenses of expansion or hiring a nurse who can be well trained.

Those goals mean I need at least 500 members each month if I'm not going to raise focus on clips sales, raise prices super high, or cut back the production of new videos. The truth is it has been a challenge to break past 100 members the past few months between all membership types. I was hoping to boost memberships with the prospect of downloads, but I didn't. Ironically it killed my clip sales, which have fallen by 90% since I mentioned unlimited downloads on the membership websites for one price. That was half of my monthly revenue gone in the first two weeks after I quit my job.

So I need to do something quick to boost my memberships here so I can open up site-wide downloads and move away from caring about my clip sales. I have tossed and turned at how downloads are going to look, and I finally have the details of my plan.

Here's The Deal On Downloads:

-If we hit 300 members (combined, not per site) by the end of 2020, I WILL OPEN SITE-WIDE DOWNLOADS! What the catch? Why not wait until site-wide downloading becomes available and then join?

-#1 - Without enough support, it will never happen.

-#2 - When I make site-wide downloads available at 300 members, ALL NEW MEMBERS AFTER THAT CHANGE WILL HAVE TO WAIT 9 MONTHS BEFORE THEY CAN START DOWNLOADING. You will only be able to stream for the 1st nine months you are a member after we hit 300. 
If you join 1 day before we hit 300, you are good.
If you join 1 minute after we hit 300, you will have to wait six months to download.

-#3 - There will be NO NOTICE as to when the change is going to happen. If we hit 300 members in 2021, the website's interface will change. Anyone who took the risk of joining, not knowing when site-wide downloads would open, will be rewarded with unlimited download AND NO MORE WAITING. Those who waited will have to wait six more months.

-#4 - JOIN NOW because NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if you don't sign up in time.

Hopefully, this is enough incentive to join and maintain your membership. So join me today and help my clinic to grow! You will be rewarded with immediate downloads each week, on top of unlimited downloads sometime in 2020! If you have issues, questions, or concerns, please feel free to email me anytime.

SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL FORMER MEMBERS: If you joined today, you could have site-wide download start tomorrow! There are enough real fans out there to make this a reality even before 2020!

Let's make 2020 the BIGGEST year for medfet!

-Doctor Tampa